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Learning with Vodafone

Pratham Foundation works in rural areas for teacher enablement by providing standardized content with various state and central Syllabus



Pratham works in remote and inaccessible areas of India where internet penetration is minimal. Yet creating maximum ROI with funds from Enterprise meant delivering learning digital content. The project was to be executed on a shoestring budget, yet the solution had to have the ability to track activities, output and impact to enable the sponsors and executing program track the effectiveness of the program.


After carrying a detailed study of the environmental constraints of the program, Azri built a mobile learning platform with a mobile front-end and a web back-end, capable of delivering learning content in offline mode, while tracking teacher login behavior.  Azro selected Moodle an Open Source Web learning platform and integrated it with a custom-made mobile application to achieve the specifications laid down by Pratham and Vodafone Foundation.


  • Ability to create separate content  libraries for different syllabus in a single web repository
  • Ability to give access to content vendors to add content on the fly to the central repository
  • Package content into thematic bundles ( By class, Langauge, Syllabus) and pre-package tablets
  • The content can be populated with new content remotely OR by Pen drives.
  • Add schools and teachers of each school directly to the web backend and track logins
  • A teacher can design a lesson plan and access content from the Tablet.
  • Dynamic addition of content by teachers to the central repository


  • Teachers ( Multi login on single device) \
  • Field Agents
  • Cluster Managers
  • Program Admin

Project Type
Mobile learning platform