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The Happiness Index

The Coca-Cola Happiness Institute is a Coca-Cola Company initiative that conducts scientific research and disseminates knowledge on happiness and wellness

Azri partnered with the Happiness Institute to build and manage a knowledge-led social engagement platform which aims to be a trusted reference for happiness related studies powered by rich media content and inspiring infographics that could be shared easily.

The platform also includes a dynamic intervention in the form of a happiness survey based on the Pemberton Happiness Index*.

Key Highlights :

  • The Pemberton Happiness Index is an integrative measure of well-being based on a study conducted by the School of Psychology, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain.

  • The Responsive Mobile Web platform is powered by two frameworks. The Web Publishing experience is powered by Drupal, and the Happiness Survey is built on top of YII, a high-performance PHP framework.

Project Type
Digital Survey